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I like to watch TV. There, I said it. I am selective about what I watch though and feel like my viewing habits have been totally changed by Tivo. I rarely sit and just "flip around" to see what's on. I watch the shows I want to watch, when I have time or when I want to see them. I often don't even remember when my favorite programs air, as I so infrequently play them on that night.

As a tv fan, I have enjoyed the William S. Paley Television Festival, put on by the Museum of Television and Radio, for the past several years. It is a 13-day event showcasing various current and old shows, as well as possibly an actor, writer, or director showcase. The format is a video introduction about William S. Paley and the museum, which features Kiefer Sutherland (!) since last year (previously it was Candace Bergen), followed by a clip of something related to the show of the night. It may be an old show with a similar theme, or something from an original version of a remake. The panel members are briefly introduced and then they show an episode of the featured program. A moderated Q&A follows, first with the moderators asking questions and then audience members. The panel can be made or broken by the quality and ability of the moderator.

This year we've gone to Entourage, Battlestar Galactica, and Medium. Entourage and Battlestar Galactica were great. Elvis Mitchell moderated the Entourage panel and did a fantastic job. I can't say the same about the guy for BG, but oh well. It was really cool nonetheless. I don't watch Medium and after seeing the episode they showed, I have no desire to. It was also possibly the most boring panel I've ever been to. Ick. Tonight we're going to the My Name is Earl event and I'm very excited about it!

In the past we've been to the Paley Festival panels on 24, Lost, Alias, Colombo, Monk, Laugh-In, St. Elsewhere, as well as evenings with William Shatner, Michael Palin, Sherwood Schwartz, and Judd Apatow. As tickets go on sale first to members (and often sell out), we joined the museum. They also do similar panels, for members only, that aren't part of the festival. We've been to Picket Fences, The Shield, and Malcolm In The Middle during the year.

There is no photography allowed during the presentation, but you can often get some shots before whene the cast talks to the press. I got a few of the Battlestar Galactica cast. I didn't get any of Edward James Olmos though. Kevin Smith was at the BG panel and I'm wondering if he will be there tonight to support his pal Jason Lee. I'm not sure if I can get there early enough, but if so, I plan to get some photos of Mr. Lee for justJenn.


Chris said...

Oooh, we're very envious (particularly of BG and Earl.. and Lost and The Shield and...)

Very cool - hope you get good pictures tonight...

K. Marie said...

Is Katie as buff in person as she looks like on TV? She's my *hero*

Jodi said...

She looked good, not so much "buff" as she does on the show, but more feminine for sure.

Unknown said...

Dear Jodi,

Sorry I haven't communicated with you, but really is there any excuse I could give that just didn't sound like an excuse?

I still want to get together with you, I believe I'm over my flu, my back pain, my diarrhea, but I should say, I only had diarrhea because I was overly medicated.

But I do love my NyQuil cherry flavored!

I too, have been to some of the William S. Paley Television Festivals and enjoy them greatly.

I like to go to the museum and just watch old shows alone. One day I watched all of the Woody Allen TV shows he did back in the early '70s. Remember the product Libby's? They were the sponsor and Tony Randall was the star of the commercials.

The one thing I can't stand is wearing the headphones that thousands of other people have worn before me when I watch the videos at the Museum. I wish I could bring my own.

I am such a Germaphobic person, but everytime I put on headphones at places like the Virgin Megastore, Tower Records, Ameoba Records ( well, granted there they didn't belong to the store, there was a junkie that wanted me to identify the illegally down loaded mp3 that was on his iPod) I can feel little germs and bacteria crawling into the canals of my ears and nesting or feeding on my brain cells, but usually I just get pimples.

But the reason I'm here writing this novel in your comments, is in reference to your post on Monday, March 06, 2006 at 3:35 AM
1. Ren
2. Lava Bear
3. Jerry
4. Aaron (even though he's back in Thailand currently).

I am tagged! What does tagged mean?

I am available for free lunches and free dinners, please contact me and my people will get back with you.


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