Hamsters, Ben Lee and Earl, Oh My!

The My Name Is Earl panel on Tuesday night was fun, but I didn't get great photos. Sorry Jenn. Security were being total jerks about picture taking this time, unlike for the Battlestar Galactica crew. Oh well. I had a great time nonetheless. The cast was hilarious and it was good to get the "backstory" that Ethan Suplee has created for Randy. (He has a deviated septum and is always looking for aliens, hence the partially open mouth and gazing up and about frequently).

Yesterday was a blah day. I was feeling quite ill and stayed home. I didn't make it to Amoeba to see Neko Case perform for free, which was a bummer. Looking at her website, I do see she's on The Tonight Show tonight, which I'll have to Tivo.

I did venture out in the evening for a little concert, but it was pretty laid back. Ben Lee performed at The Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax. I've been there for films, but never a concert. It ended up being great though. So small and intimate. We sat in the third row and I was able to get a few decent photos. The highlight of the show was when he sang "Bruised," my favorite song from The Bens EP. (The Bens are Ben Lee, Ben Folds, and Ben Kweller). Ben was hanging out in the lobby after the show, so I thanked him for singing that. He commented on my Ben Folds track jacket.

I just have to say that I'm still really enjoying my hamster! She is just adorable and so much fun to watch. She's getting pretty puffy (living up to her full name of Puffy AmiYumi), turning into a the teddy bear she is. I like watching her do her little ritualistic hammy things like grooming and stuffing her cheeks with food. I've been trying to give her nightly time running around the house in her ball too, which she really seems to enjoy. She is a messy little rodent though, as you can see in this photo...her food ends up everywhere in her habitat!



ren said...

hi ami!

Brenda Griffith said...

Yep, with those little rodent-red eyes she looks like she is ready to gnaw your finger right down to a nub if you put it in there.

Jen said...

I think I've said this before here, that I totally don't dig on rodents, but your little Ami is really cute. Like, I would maybe not be scared to touch it.

Jodi said...

She's really cute, but pretty wiggly still. I was scared to death the first time I tried picking her up...and dropped her! She survived though and is starting to be less afraid of me.

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