Thanks. Thanks A Lot.

I just want to thank the woman in the white van who was behind me as I was preparing to pull out of my neighborhood this morning:

In spite of the fact that you could not see the truck coming that would have killed me if I had made my left turn, I do appreciate you honking your horn and then flipping me off, not with one hand, but two, and kind of turned down, gansta style. You rock and you really know how to help a fellow human being get a good start to an already sorta crappy Monday.


SJ said...

Some people, huh? Funny pic though :)

ren said...

I feel ya (not literally, of course, more in a...oh, do i really have to explain this?). i've had some crappy, rude traffic days lately too.

and that's the same look that cosette always gives me when i tell her that she needs to be gentle when biting my fingers off for treats.

madretz said... of the things I don't miss about living in LA. But it's not really much better up here.

Love the pic!

Will said...

Can't believe she gave you the double deuce.

K. Marie said...

Erghhh ...

Think of it this way, I guess: She made you feel crappy for a moment, or maybe the day, but she'll be that same giant asshole the rest of her life.

Brenda Griffith said...

Some people just need to be culled. When my Mom drove with me to Philadelphia in February, parts of the drive were made tolerable by Mom pointing to some asshole driving and saying darkly "Cull him!" It's good to have empathy in the midst of stupid drivers.

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