Sasquatchy Goodness

The Bigfoot Lodge. I've driven by it hundreds of times and always been curious. I finally ventured in with a few co-workers for a 'happy hour' the other night. I really liked the place. It was quiet when we were there, which was kind of nice because we could actually talk. I think I may have been the only one to appreciate it, but they were also playing really good music. I don't recall everything I heard, but there was Echo & The Bunnymen, David Bowie, New Order, and The Smiths.

The atmosphere was cool. Wood cabin walls, fireplace, creepy deer head lamps, a Smokey The Bear statue. The restrooms were labeled 'Does' and 'Bucks,' etc. It really felt like being in Yosemite. With drinks and good conversation. No Sasquatch though. You have to go to the one in San Francisco for that.


-Aaron said...

I love that place! Only log cabin bar in LA. I think they have a night there when they screen Twin Peaks and serve donuts. The perfect setting.

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