Post Op Day 44

Little Guy continues to recover nicely. Still as grumpy as can be due to continued imprisonment. He will go for his big 8-week follow up appointment with the surgeon next week, where he'll hopefully be given the clearance to start his month-long "gradual return to activity" program. Essentially, we'll start walking him prescribed progressive distances.

Post Op Day 44

The fur on that rear hindquarter is coming in nicely. Not sure what's up with the big patch on his back though. It's still just stubble.


Anonymous said...

Good for little guy. Hes done well to get this far. Not too long to go now. Hang in there.

Unknown said...

Glad he is recovering so nicely!!

Nanette said...

Glad he's doing well!

Anonymous said...

he will be so excited to start moving around again!

Anonymous said...

give Little Guy a big hug and kiss from MomMom Char.

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