8 Weeks Post Op

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Little Guy had his 8-week follow up appointment with his surgeon yesterday. Everything looks good. We can now start walking him up and down the block a little, starting with 10 minutes, progressing to 15, etc. For the next two weeks, he remains strictly confined aside from the walks. He's not allowed to jump or bolt after squirrels for six more weeks.

I'm still being pretty conservative with his activity. We will most likely be confining him when we are out for awhile (forever?) just to play it safe.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the 6 weeks will pass quickly for him. He has done so well.

madretz said...

Hurray for the short walks. I bet to him that'll feel like a great freedom compared to the past 2 months. I hope the 6 weeks goes fast, too.

Anonymous said...

Little Guy must be excited for a little exercise. Enjoy the short walks, and may the time pass quickly until he can chase squirrels again. -Talitha

Unknown said...

So glad he is doing well. I am sure he will love the walks!

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