I Have Been Assimilated

Getting tired, and perhaps a little jealous, of people going on an on about their iPods, iBooks, iPhones, etc, etc, I joked around that I have iNothing. And I was serious. No Apple products for me, not necessarily by choice, but that's just how it happened to be. I have a cell phone that allows me to go on the internet, my laptop works just fine, and I have a nice, clunky, slow-to-load, mp3 player that I can listen to in my car via an auxiliary jack. Sure, it's fairly complicated to get music on and off of the damn thing, but hey, I haven't known any better. And it's higher tech than cassettes.

That is, until recently when I got a generous surprise from E for our 14th anniversary. As the proud new owner of a 4th generation iPod nano, I feel like I might just have a twinge of modernity in me. Go ahead and laugh, if you want. I'm used to it and do so at myself often enough. I know it's silly and I'm so behind the times, but it makes me very happy.

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the iJod (yes, that's what I named it!)-so tiny, so light, so orange (!)

Now, as if getting the teeny machine is not exciting enough, I now get to use the iPod jack that came with my Scion xA. The one I didn't ask for.

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I was kind of bummed when I saw that in my new car. Poo. Something I can't use. I intended to try it out with friends' iPods, but never got around to it. Luckily, I still have the cable for it. The cool thing about the iPod specific port is that the media information displays on my stereo and I can control it via the buttons on my steering wheel. So very nifty and fun!

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iPod connected

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GeeksOn, a favorite podcast

And one of my favorite dorky things is that when I disconnect the unit, my stereo says goodbye. Yes, it often is the little things.

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Slowly, but surely I'm even learning my way around iTunes, which I'd never downloaded and used. SO much easier than the wonky work-arounds I had to do with my old digital music player. I have been assimilated.


Anonymous said...

Oh good for you. I haven't bothered with any of those gadgets thus far - but I do like the dinky orange colour. How cool that is says goodbye!

madretz said...

I love the color, so very you! How cool that it's so easy to hook up to your car, too.

Happy anniversary! 14 years is freaking awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love the iPod hook-up in the Scion! Mine came with an accessory that goes in the cupholder right below the plug that holds your iPod and has a change holder.

ren said...

hunh, for some reason this post didn't show up on my reader so i didn't comment initially.

it's cuuuuuute. i have a mini, which they don't even make anymore so, you know, you are far more current than i am.

laughingwolf said...

oh crap, another fellow libran... but the first i know who also loves ORANGE! ;)

i'm a rocktober baby!

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