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I never intended for my blog to have a theme or to become a blogger that fit into a certain category. I'm not a political blogger or a tech blogger. I'm most certainly not a food blogger. And since I don't have kids, I can't even pretend to be a mommy blogger. While I do occasionally write about music/tv/film, life in Los Angeles (and actually, I've moved a lot of that over to my posts at L.A. Metblogs), or things I find absurd or dorky, there is a definite trend in what I've been writing about lately. Well, when I've even posted.

My pets. The four-legged beasties that share my home are family. I appreciate that not everyone "gets" that and may stop coming around to avoid being bored by endless chatter about furry creatures. So, what does that make me? A DoggyPiggyMommy Blogger? A I'mSoCrazyAboutMyPets YouShouldCallTheAuthorities Blogger? Or maybe merely a PetMommy Blogger. I don't know. Labels don't concern me too much.

It's been a tough year so far in our pack. 2009 is not even a quarter of the way over and we've dealt with major surgery, death, adoption, injury, and the ever-growing challenges of aging. Right now we're in the midst of an overhaul of feeding for the dogs, medication additions and subtractions, new activity routines, and the continued acclimation of the guinea pigs.

Originally, I proceeded to go into an update on all five pets, but this started turning into one of those epic posts that I usually end up not reading because of the length. So, if you happen to be curious about how Cosette, Little Guy, Rusty, Pickle and/or Pepper are doing, check back soon.


Anonymous said...

As a cat mad (though I love all pets) fellow blogger I have loads of empathy with your pet posts. I'm so bored as a blogger myself, that my posts have all become about weather and weekends. Lol! I really only post now to keep my hand in - and I guess the hope that something more inspiring will hit me one day soon.
I enjoy reading about your adventures with the critters, so if anyone gets bored I guess they can go elsewhere. That's how I feel about my posts anyway.

Nicole said...

I mostly post now to keep track of stuff I find important. I don't have many readers these days but I don't really care. I'm kinda feeling all blah about the internet lately. I hope to get a cat eventually to really bore my remaining readers! :)

Anonymous said...

i can see that i'm not the only one who has been feeling "meh" about blogging...but as a hamster, i certainly don't mind reading about your beasties...

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