It's Not Like You'll Get Into That Cahuenga Club

Ever bored on a Friday night? Have you wondered what you can do in Hollywood for only $5? Well, I have an answer for you! Starting tomorrow night, and every Friday through Halloween, Hollywood MobileMovie has teamed up with the Steve Allen Theater for spooky drive-in movies!

Hollywood Mobile Movie

The first screening is From Beyond and will be followed by a Q&A with director Stuart Gordon. That's included in your measly $5!

Just think--you can wear whatever you want. No need to break out the hot pants and high heels to walk around looking like a hooker, freezing your ass off, and still possibly not even getting into the club. You can probably even bring your own snacks, booze, a chihuahua, or whatever. Live it up!

Hope to see you at the drive-in!


Anonymous said...

You have to look like a hooker to get into clubs over there? Lol!
Have fun!

Shayne said...

So you *won't* be wearing hot pants and high heels?

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