Coming Soon To A Blog Near You

I have a couple blog posts brewing in my brain. I don't have time to do the first one right now and I'm doing some fact-checking for the other one. I just wanted to let you, what are we down to...three? two?...readers, what you have to look forward to. I'm often asked how E and I 'find' so many fun and cool things to do. Well, I'm gonna tell you! Also, 'white trash mimosas.'

Now, it that doesn't pique your interest...I don't blame you.


Bart said...

Bah, don't feel guilty, I love the "not really a post post." Gives you time to organize your thoughts and lets people know you're not dead.

Anonymous said...

People ask me that all the time, too. So it will be interesting to see how you do it. Maybe we can trade some tips.

Anonymous said...

That was me, but I fat-fingered the 'return' key before I could put my name and URL.

ren said...

you need to look into "blogging without obligation", i'd give you a link but i am too damn lazy. it should be fun and all about you, baby, if you worry about the three of us then it's or something.

anyway...i am intrigued by this "white trash mimosa" you speak of...i am white trash. i like booze. this seems to be a perfect fit.

Anonymous said...

Is it alcoholic or floral? Lol! We await with wonder!

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