Ice Lolly Sticks, Jazz Chickens, & Ninja Sheep

Within the last month, E and I have been to the Kodak "The New Home for the Academy Awards" Theatre in Hollywood twice to see British comedians. It's a nice, posh theater and feels more intimate than it looks on tv. Last month, we saw Ricky Gervais, who was quite hilarious. His stand-up persona is not too far off from his David Brent character on the UK version of The Office. Very funny and very raunchy.

Tonight was a special treat. We saw probably my favorite British comedian and definitely my very favorite transvestite--Eddie Izzard. Tonight he happened to be an "off duty transvestite," as he put it, which is fine by me. He looked quite dapper in his jeans, coat with tails, and facial hair. Not only is he downright funny, but he is intelligent, often joking about history or current events. But, along with that he can be downright silly as well. He's just brilliant. Oh, and early in the show, he said something about a hamster!

I've been lucky enough to see some of Eddie's shows he did in the past year or so at The Coronet (before it became Largo). He'd come to L.A. for a week or two to test out material for this tour. I really loved the thing he did about bees, but it didn't make the cut. He did do the one about the giraffe trying to warn the other giraffe about a tiger. Maybe only Ren knows what I'm talking about and maybe I'm just crazy. There was also plenty of the usual badger and spoon talk as well.

We got sweet t-shirts tonight. I'm planning to wear mine to an upcoming event, so I can't say anything about it yet.


Anonymous said...

I've always liked Eddie Izzard. Too, too funny.

ren said...

dammit, i like him as an ON duty transvestite and he never drags anymore. bah!

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Sarah said...

Can you be my social planner? I want to do these things.

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