Michael: Everybody say a race that you are attracted to sexually. I will go last. Go.
Dwight: I have two. White and Indian.

Many of us encounter creeps in our daily lives. Sometimes, we are unlucky enough to meet up with them more than we'd like to. As if once isn't enough! There's a particular Hollywood creep who really makes my skin crawl. If you ever go to art openings or screenings--particularly if they are FREE--you've probably encountered him too. And the skeezy old dude most likely handed you (or tried to hand you) a slip of paper with a phone number to call for info about a party. Yeah, right. Whatever.

My friend T and I are frequently at the same social events. Upon returning to i am 8-bit the other night after drinks with the fabulous Will and lovely Nina, I ran into T. We were chatting when Party Creep approached. I don't think I mentioned his lack of social skills, but that will become very apparent in a moment here. I can't remember if there was an opening to the conversation that occurred like this:

Party Creep (to T): So, are you Mexican or something?

T: I'm Indian.

P.C.: Oh. Hey, do you know any cute Indian girls?

T: right now.

P.C. (without even a pause): Is that even your real hair?

T (clearly trying to stifle a laugh): Yeah.

I don't know what, if anything, happened after this point. The whole thing was so absurd! Consider yourself warned. If you are at a Hollywood event with me, beware the Party Creep because he'll most likely be there too.


Anonymous said...

Eww ... there is always one. I wonder if there is a place where hosts hire a "Party Creep" ... lol!

Sarah said...

Aaah! That is most certainly creepy.

One time at a party I was talking to a friend and some girl just plowed into him, appologized, and then pretended to know him. REAL smmoth. People are idiots sometimes.

Nanette said...

What the?!?!? EW!

Anonymous said...

i hope he doesn't meet us at the cpk in a few weeks!

Yvett said...

Ah, yes, the creep. There's always one somewhere.

A friend of mine is convinced she is a creep/weirdo magnet. I have to agree.

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