You Don't Have To Be A Man-Ho

A few weeks ago, E was browsing the Largo calendar online and noticed an event called The 1st National International New Zealand Day. Knowing that Flight of the Conchords have played the venue quite a few times (none of which I'd been to, dammit!), including the weekend before when we were in San Diego, he had a feeling they might be part of this Kiwi celebration. I immediately called for tickets.

$20 souvenir mug. Proceeds went to charity. I got the last one too, suckas!

There's something you should know about E and that's the fact that he is usually right. I'm not just saying that-it's a fact. So, yes, the Flight of the Conchords were absolutely part of the Largo show and in fact were the hosts. They were on stage several times and treated us to many new songs that I can already picture as hilarious vignettes in the upcoming season of their HBO show. Let's just say that Jemaine may need to prostitute himself for some creme brulee.

Other acts included Bo Runga, Bic Runga, and Greg Johnson. We've seen Bic perform a few times and her sister, Bo, is just as talented. Greg was great too. One of the best parts of the show was Rhys Darby in his dual role of stand-up comedian (himself) and band manager (Murray). He played Murray off stage and did such things as call the guys in for an "emergency band meeting," complete with roll call. It was hilarious! He also did a small portion of his stand-up act, which is pretty side splitting.
All in all, we had a blast and are still talking about the show.


the slackmistress said...

Awesome. And jealous. And awesome.

Will said...

I suppose that this was a good reason to skip our chat.

Nanette said...


::continuing to cry::

::crying, crying, crying::

Did you give Bret and Jemaine big smooches for me?

Jodi said...

@Nanners: I WISH!!! They didn't come out after the show, as they reportedly did the weekend before when I was at Comic-Con. : (
We did have a nice chat with Flannagan, the owner of Largo though. We've chatted before about our white fluffy dogs and he showed us a photo of his young daughter.

Shayne said...

You two have such a fun, glamorous, human child-free life!

I haven't seen Flight of the COnchords yet (no movie channels here :( ), but I've got the first season on my Netflix que.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed all the Kiwi talent we keep exporting over to you. Send them back home from time to time please.

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