The Week (So Far)

  • Cosette had one vet appointment and ended up getting scheduled for surgery the very next day! It's always stressful, but especially for a geriatric dog. She will go for a bandage change this weekend and endure the hilarious cone for about ten more days.
  • We saw Death Cab For Cutie in concert for the first time at the newish Nokia Theatre. The venue is pretty cool, even if the sound was a bit wonky. The band was fantastic, but I was somewhat put off by their open expression of distaste for L.A. Especially when the crowd was giving them an amazing reception. Seattle folks must be jealous of our sunshine, as many seem to hate this city.
  • I've been under the weather myself and slept Wednesday away.
  • The Los Angeles Film Festival continues. One of the highlights this week was a screening of three episodes of Spaced followed by a Q&A with director Edgar Wright, moderated by Matt Stone, of South Park fame. It was a tremendously good time.
Edgar and Me
  • I've been working on the Craft Hamster 2.0 and may be at a point where I can post a photo or two soon.


Shayne said...

Best wishes to Cosette for a speedy recovery! I can't wait to see the new hamsters!

Sarah said...

Hope Cosette gets better soon. I have never had a pet where the cone lasted more than 1 day. I'm sure you see what kind of parent I will be :)

ren said...

i am so sorry that i am missing the cone. you know i love the cone.

also sorry i missed edgar but now is not the time. ah well.

and "why you'd want to live here" may be my favorite deathcab song. heh.

Caveman said...

Edgar Wright? You lucky jerk...

Anonymous said...

All the best to Cosette for her recovery.
Cool pic.

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