Signs That It's Summer In L.A.

  • The L.A. Film Festival has opened. Wanted opened the fest and I *wanted* to really like it, but meh, not so much. Oh well.
  • Thomas Wilkins debuted as the Principle Guest Condutor of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. We enjoyed opening night, where Sir James Galway, B.B. King, and Liza Minelli all performed as they were inducted into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame.
  • It's hot. Africa hot. And everyone, including myself, is complaining about it. I'm glad I have air conditioning, but shudder to think of the upcoming electric bills. I do know the extreme temperatures are temporary and we'll be back to lovely weather soon.
Happy Summer!


Nanette said...

Bleh for the heat. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Anonymous said...

well it could be worse. you could be gearing up for summer in oklahoma. sigh.

TiggerLarue said...

Not to show off, but summer in Portland OR is quite nice! what if it's the only time we can do the weather happy dance. :0)

Anonymous said...

Send some down my way please ... we are having snow storms and winter freeze here.

Sarah said...

Wanted wasn't good?? Oh no! I'm really looking forward to it. James Macavoy (that can't possibly be spelled right) is my ugly crush.

And I feel you on the electric bill. Ours comes in 2 month increments. The July & August bill should be fun.

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