Jodi As A Manga Character


Darlene said...

Whew! When I saw the headline in Google reader, I was half expecting an underwear shot or bolts coming from your head. But this is quite cute!

Sarah said...

Awesome!! When I was in high school, I was obsessed with drawing giant eyes, anime style. Very weird.

CelticBuffy said...

Very cool. My daughter, Anime, would totally love it!

Anonymous said...

Very cool ... love the big bright eyes.

Hellinjay said...

OMG! You look like ME as a Manga Character too! lol

I find Face Transformer soooo addictive. I've even started transforming other peeps' pictures-like, the other day I was trying to make Michael Jackson look black again. (not so successful)

What WAS successful?
Michael Jackson as an Asian Woman!

Nanette said...

That's TOTALLY you!

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