Hamsters Love Broccoli!

E and I stopped at the grocery store last night for bread, milk, and a few other necessities. We only needed a hand basket since we weren't buying much. While in the produce section, I noticed the loose broccoli and decided to get a small amount for Ami. I chose the five or so smallest florets in the bin and tossed it, in a produce bag, into the basket.

Fast forward to the check out line where E unloaded the breads, milk, peppers, and bananas. He went to put the basket on the floor. I grabbed the plastic bag from it and said, "Don't forget the broccoli!"

E: "Huh? Broccoli?"

J: "Yeah, in this bag."

E: "Oh, I just thought that was trash someone left in the basket."

J: "I just got a tiny amount. It's for Ami."

E: Rolls eyes.

J: "Well, it's only about 3 cents worth of broccoli so it's not big deal. I think the fresh veggies I give him are part of the secret to his living so long."
(He's at least 2.5 years old now).

E: I think there was another eye rolling moment here.

It was our turn and the cashier scanned our items. And what do you know, but that little bag of broccoli rang up at $.03!!! I thought it was hilarious and I think the checker thought I was nuts. Or at least a dork. Which I am.


Anonymous said...

You should go on Supermarket Sweep. For rodents.

Anonymous said...

Remind me to take you shopping with me, so I know exactly how much I'm spending as I go along. Lol!

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