Sew (A Needle Pulling Thread)

I bought a sewing machine this evening. It's fairly basic and refurbished, therefore inexpensive. I vaguely remember hanging out with my Mom when I was younger watching her use her heavy duty Singer. I have even less clear memories of using this kind of equipment in Home Ec class, although I know I did. So, it should be an interesting adventure and I may end up needing to take a class. Hopefully, I can end up doing something crafty like make my own tote bags! Or hats for my hamster. (I'm kidding). (I think).

I'm also now the proud owner of a dorky little garden gnome.


Anonymous said...

Very cool. My sewing skills suck! Chad still likes to get a good laugh and bring up the tank top I tried to sew a few years back lol It was really really bad LOL

Darlene said...

I vaguely remember taking a home ec class and using a sewing machine too. Do they still have those classes?

Anonymous said...

sewing class kept me off the honor roll one year. I had all A's and a D in sewing.

Nanette said...

Awesome! And I would like to see the little hamster hats, please. ;)

Shayne said...

Fun, a new toy! Definitely take a class! It's easy to start sewing on your own, but you won't necessarily be doing things the right or best way. Let me know if you need any advice :)

Sizzle said...

My mom gave me a sewing machine two years ago. I have never actually used it as I brought it to sewing class and the stupid annoying teacher said it didn't work. It was brand new. That teacher sucked.

I'm still annoyed as you can tell.

I really want to sew but it involves a lot of ironing and that I just can't get behind.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the older sewing machines as you just about need a pilots licence to drive the new fangled automated modern ones. Not that I do alot of sewing ... I take up hems mainly. Jeans, curtains, etc. Good luck with playing about though.

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