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1 Year Ago: I officially became a proud hamster owner! I've endured all kinds of ridicule for being so obsessed with the exquisite little beast, but hey, he inspired me to self-publish a book. And he's so darn cute!

New Addition

The first photo I took of Ami. He was tiny and I thought he was a girl.

15 Years Ago: I got engaged. I mentioned that to Eric and he said, "We're old." Yep. Luckily, we still love and tolerate each other, even after so much time. How can I not love a guy gets me hamsters and light-up squirrels?

My creation

That's it. Mushy as I'm getting. Feel free to share any of your favorite Valentine's Day memories with me in the comments.


Nanette said...

Happy proposal-versary!

The Mad Doctor said...

About 6 years ago I had just moved into the Pinata (my house - it's a long story) and around this time in the evening I was running around and make faux Jim Dine hearts for Pats for Valentine's Day.

I heard her drive up (we weren't yet living together) and I ran to open the door. Unfortunately my head met the door before my hand found the knob and I knocked myself out cold.

Woke up to Max licking my face and my cell phone ringing - Pats wanting to know where I was and why wasn't I home...

Ah, love.

This year she received Le Creuset and NO homemade hearts.

Anonymous said...

what a great guy you have there - proposes on valentine's day AND gets you a hamster!
did ami get the mail i sent him?

Anonymous said...

That light-up squirrel is profoundly weird. I like it.

It's pretty amazing how easy it is when you're with the right person. Cathy and I have been married for 18 years, and people still think we're newlyweds.

SJ said...

Happy hamster day and happy engagement day!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo collage! How'd you do it? ;)

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