Dorkbake is quickly approaching. We lost a bit of prep time being away on vacation. We had pretty much completed a functional oven with a cool design before leaving and had even begun experimenting. Now we are in the finalization phase of testing our recipes, honing our presentation, and procuring a proper costume for me. Oh, the pressure of it all.

I swear I'm going to need a vacation to recover from this one. It has been loads of fun, but I dare not call it "relaxing."


SJ said...

I find vacations where I come home exhausted are the best - means I haven't wasted my time lounging around :)

The Mad Doctor said...

This probably isn't helpful, but I used to melt my Barbies in my Easy Bake Oven.

Also - I have two new blogs and got rid of the old ones. Soon I will blog about your lovely city. This will probably get me kicked out of Northern California.

Jodi said...

Well, S.J., I certainly haven't lounged around! My goal was to get in at least one nap or one night of 8+ hours of sleep in the 2 weeks I had off. I did manage a brief nap yesterday and sleep for about 8 hours last night, so I'm good. I could probably sleep for a week straight at this point though.

madretz said...

Congrats on 1st place! looks like all the prep you talked about here paid off. The photos were fun to see. :)

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