By The Numbers

We cleaned, they came and watched The Oscars®, I'm still sick.

# of pounds of E's famous meatballs that were consumed: 6

# of minutes prior to guests arriving that I jumped into the shower: 30

# of guests that squeezed into our tiny house: 47

# of video screens playing the awards show (including the bathroom): 7

# of photos of the festivities that I took: 0

# of Burger Bites I have left over, just for me: 5

# of cool, new tote bags I received: 1 (Thanks, Kenny!)

Oh, and most importantly:

# of years E and I have been married, as of today: 12


ren said...

congrats. 12 years is a long time...well done!

madretz said...

Hurray on your mawage!

I'm sorry you're still sick. :(

SJ said...

Happy anniversary! That's an awful lot of meatballs!

(um, at the party, not during marriage haha)

Yvett said...


No pictures of the party, really?

Jodi said...

Thanks for all of the anniversary wishes!

Yvett: I know! Can you believe it? That's how sick I was/am. I barely made it through the party and just did not have the energy to take photos. We did have some disposables around that some people used, but I have to get those developed.

Scribe LA said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. Well done, Jodi and E!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for inviting me! It was fun. I should have kept a Burger Bite or two, myself.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary ... well done. Hope you are better now!

Anonymous said...

hope you feel better soon - and happy anniversary!

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