Lost In Translation

I was poking through one of my blog trackers the other day and discovered that my hamster was featured on an Italian motorcycle enthusiasts blog. Huh? Oh you remember...the Critter Operated Chopper that I tortured the poor beast with, purely for my own amusement.

The Italian blog included one of my photos and a video clip. I was curious to read what people had to say, so I ran the page through several online translators, which all yielded similar and somewhat hilarious results. Clearly, some folks were quite upset by the way I treat my pet. I do get the point, but what the hell is "a free badness" and fairies will be exiting from what and from where? Now who is the one being cruel?

"A FREE BADNESS, fairies to exit that poor animal from within, if contact the protection animals and does not mark it is what!!!"

"that witness of ….! the human beings are worse of the beasts. in…o to see these things to me"

A couple of commenters said positive things like "Fantastic!" and "I want!"

And then there was the disgruntled reader who wants less frivolous posts:

"motoblog published serious articles please! in this the motion centers little!!"

Who knew my little Ami was such an international hamster?

I Love This Face


SJ said...

Fugitive hamster! Law breaker! ;)

Anonymous said...

i always knew ami had it in him to be internationally famous. i hope he will remember us little people when he is famous (like lucy!)
those italian motorcyclists are just jealous of you, your hamster, and your bitchen hamster bike.

Anonymous said...

Aww, so cute. Have a Happy Valentine's day btw.

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