Due to a class I scheduled months ago, I will be unable to attend CFI-West's Darwin Day celebration this coming Sunday. I volunteered at last year’s event and had a blast, so I’m a little bummed to miss out. However, I did make it to a screening of Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus at The Egyptian Theatre last night, which CFI co-sponsored as a lead up to Darwin Day. Quite a few people from my book club were there, as well as some other friends.

I really enjoyed the film, which takes a somewhat light-hearted look at the intelligent design vs. evolution "controversy" that has been created to keep people confused and to push religious and anti-science agendas into our schools. The filmmaker, who was formerly an evolutionary biologist also highlighted the scientific community’s inability/unwillingness to articulate the case for evolution/against ID.

This is another topic, like global warming and stem cell research, that our government, with the help of evil entities such as The Discovery Institute, surrounds with confusion and controversy.


SJ said...

I would have liked Darwin Day - sounds like my kind of thing :)

Anonymous said...

great post - i'm glad you are involved in something like that! it's really unbelieveable when you stop to think how many agendas "they" try to cram down our throats every day...

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