Short Screams And A Mountain Getaway

This past weekend was very busy. Friday night was the 3rd Annual Short Screams Film Festival that E puts on at CIA. We had a decent turnout, some great horror shorts, and fun performances from a puppeteer and a magician. One of our filmmaker friends from Indiana was in town for another festival, so she was able to attend and see her movie in a pretty cool venue. We were up so late that night, we didn't even watch the Battlestar Galactica premiere that night.

On Saturday, we took a friend up on his generous offer to come stay with him in his cabin at Big Bear Lake. He even invited us to bring the three dogs, which we did. I'd missed the mountains since we haven't made our annual Mammoth trip the past couple of summers. It's so nice to breathe in the clean, fresh air. It was pretty cold at night (36 F), but we had heat and a fire, so it was cozy. Our host cooked a wonderful dinner for us Saturday night. We spent much of Sunday walking around the Big Bear Discovery Center, the Big Bear Village, and then later down to the lake with the dogs. It was a wonderful, albeit brief, getaway.


Rusty looking adorable (and really small!) in Big Bear.

Upon returning to L.A. Sunday night, we settled in for Battlestar Galactica. It was a pretty intense two hours and I can't wait to see what happens next!


madretz said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!
I love Big Bear and Arrowhead in the fall, although I haven't been there in years.

Brenda Griffith said...

Okay, I came here after Ren's muffins and MILF post so I was prepared for something... else... from the Short Screams header. But I have reset, and I, too, REALLY miss the mountains. What is it about fall that makes us want to seek higher ground? Spring/Summer brings yearnings for the beach. But late summer/fall, that's mountain time. I envy you, and am glad you had such a good time.

You should bring Rusty over to play here someday. He would make a great chewtoy for our dogs.

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