Smattering Of Sarcasm

I have accomplished some things so far this weekend, but not the big things that need to be done. The primary thing looming over my head is the disaster that is my house. It's so bad that I'm overwhelmed by it and not working on it like I should be. And we won't even discuss my closet.

I did get my Halloween costume yesterday, which is a relief. I work with kids and we always make a big deal out of it. This year, we are going with a department-wide theme, which is "A Day At The Zoo." Some of my co-workers are extremely creative and will make very elaborate outfits. I am not so talented and was happy to be able to fit into a large child-size gorilla suit that was on sale for $15 at Rite Aid.

Serenity got a wash today and then made her first-ever trip to the Westside. Since I'm so underprivileged and live in The Valley, it was a special treat. I hadn't driven the new car west of West Hollywood yet. But now she's been to Santa Monica and will never be the same again. Why I thought she might just sputter out and stall on the 405 as we headed back over the hill. We may have better cupcakes here, but everything else just sucks. Now I'm so depressed that I live in such a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad place that I definitely won't get any of my chores done!

*Addendum: In all seriousness, I'm kind of annoyed that some Westside tree dripped sap all over my new, newly cleaned car. It may be awhile before we visit again.


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