And My Heart Stood Still

The year was 1977 and I was in the second grade. Yes, I saw Star Wars in the theater later that summer, but before that, and what turned out to be a far more momentous occasion, I went to my first concert.* I'd received tickets in my Easter basket to see Shaun Cassidy! I went with my Mom, my friend Michelle, and her mother, who had been my kindergarden teacher.

I was such a huge Shaun Cassidy fan. I played his albums over and over. I even once wrote a letter to him, which I kissed with some lipstick I snuck from my Mom's makeup (a big no-no!). I could hardly believe that I'd be seeing him sing in person! I don't think I could have imagined then that years later, I'd be living in Los Angeles and would end up sitting right in front of him for a play at a tiny theater!

The show was amazing! At least what little I remember of it. My main memory is that when Shaun's set opened there was a large metal ring on stage, covered with paper. He stood behind it, singing, and we could see his shadow. At some point in the song, he jumped through the paper! Wow! I also remember that all of the members of the opening band wore orange jumpsuits. I called my Mom this evening to see if she had any other memories of the event, but she doesn't. All I know is that it was good. And there were no stupid boys involved.

*This is where E shakes his head and marvels how anything could supersede the greatness of seeing Star Wars.


Nanette said...


girlzoot said...

I loved Shaun Cassidy as a little girl. Am now having huge jealousy over your ability to go to his concert.

I think it will pass as the crush did in my youth.

Great reminder though!

ren said...

dude, shaun cassidy trumps star wars EVERY TIME!

and i remember that play where he was in the audience and how every woman of a certain age was staring and trying not to get caught. including us.

madretz said...

Shaun Cassidy...sigh.
Do you believe in magic?
I bet you did!

Unknown said...

I adore Shaun Cassidy.
makes me wish I had talent in some form.

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