(No) Cries Of Pity

So I'm a day late on my weekly concert tale. I've been really busy and just haven't had much time to devote to my little piece of nonsense on the web. I was amused that Sting was on Studio 60 last night, as I was already planning to write about the first one of his shows that I attended. This story is actually more about the 'getting there' and I honestly don't remember a lot of details from the actual event. I'm pretty sure it was in 1986 and I was either in 9th or 10th grade. Since I'd never gotten to see The Police perform live, I really, really wanted to see Sting on his first solo tour supporting The Dream of the Blue Turtles. I'd asked my parents if I could go, but they weren't big on letting me do anything...ever... go into the city (Houston, at the time) on school nights. I was so bummed and pretty mad at them for denying me such an opportunity.

Well, I had this friend Jenny and she was one of my best friends (I'd love to know what she is up to. I've searched via Classmates and MySpace and can not seem to locate her). She was a rebel and I tried to emulate that a bit. Jenny was not a big Sting fan, if I recall correctly, but she really wanted me to get to his show. She called a local radio station and begged for tickets. And it worked! She gave them a sob story about my mean parents, etc, etc. We went together...her step-father drove us...and had a great time. I dressed kind of like Sting did in the "Fortress Around Your Heart" video--tank top and utility type pants--yeah, I've always been a dork! Our seats were way at the top of the arena, but I didn't care. I was there and that's what mattered. I do remember Sting singing "The Yellow Rose of Texas," with the best twang he could muster. I also recall that Branford Marsalis was really cool to watch and pretty funny too. I wish I had a better memory, but I do know it was good. Very good.


ren said...

i like sting. my husband hates sting. how do we stay married?

Jodi said...

Dude, Sting is the least of your differences in musical taste worries. Do I need to remind you that our husbands went to the Asia concert recently? Egads!

Nanette said...

When Sting appeared on Studio 60 last night my hubby laughed at me because I sighed happily and rolled myself up into a little ball on the couch because I was so happy to see him.

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