Tuesday was one of those gorgeous day-after-rain days in Southern California. We had a brilliant, clear blue, cloudless sky. I was fortunate to have the day off. After sleeping in, I stepped outside and was inspired to go on a bit of a photography walkabout in and around my neighborhood. It was great fun and if interested, you can check out the photos I took.

I ended up being gone for a little over two hours. I rehung my comfy Air Chair, that I had brought in from the rain, from our big carob tree in the back yard. I sat in it and promptly drifted off for about an hour. That wasn't my original intention, but it wasn't a bad way to transition into the evening.


madretz said...

Fun pics and great idea. The Bob's Big Boy ones bring back the memories. The colors were spectacular.

Joanne said...

My sister had one of those Air Chairs. It was in the screened in porch and I loved it. When I visited them in South Carolina, I would go sit out there for hours (even though it was December) and just be quiet and still and COMFY.

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