You were the one who sent me fruitcake for Christmas. It made me so sick.

The Tired Girl Collective will be representing at a craft show on the LA/O.C. border (Cerritos) this coming weekend. Come by Tall Mouse Arts & Crafts for Handmade Brigade on Saturday, December 6th, head to the back and do some handmade holiday shopping. You'll feel good about yourself. We'll have our usual unique stationary, beautiful new jewelry, tote bags, and the usual assortment of hamster stuff. Come on, you need more hamster stuff, right? (Just humor me, people!)

Tired Girl Collective-Felt Club

I know there are other local craft events this weekend. No, I'm not going to tell you what or where they are, but why not hit more than one? Maybe you can even cross everyone off your list!


Anonymous said...

your table looks great - wish i could be there, good luck! what kind of jewelry are you selling?

Anonymous said...

That looks very attractive and inviting. I'd definitely call there if I was over your way. Good luck with loads of sales.

Anonymous said...

Hope it is a huge success!!

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