In Lieu Of A Wrap Up

I'm not sure what I'm going to discuss in any kind of Comic-Con wrap up post. I got very few photos and truthfully, the whole thing is quickly becoming a bit of a blur. I did start making a good/bad list on the drive home yesterday and the good was definitely a lot longer than the bad.

One thing I will share is a cool piece of art E acquired for me. I say 'acquired' because as he was preparing to purchase it, he was told to put his money away as he will be doing a favor for one of the vendors.

There are two things that I love that some of you readers may not know. One is the artist Luke Chueh, who does wonderfully disturbing things with cute bears, monkeys, etc. I just love his style. The second thing I'm confessing my love for is Brian Griffin, the martini-swilling talking dog on Family Guy. I fell in love with this piece last year and now I own a print of it:

Luke Chueh vs. The Family Guy-Brian Griffin

(click to see bigger)

How awesome is that? Look for more Comic-Con info coming soon.


the slackmistress said...

Do you know that Brian drinks because the original Brain drank? He was a 100+ pound dog that lived to be ...nearly 15, I believe? and the vet was convinced it was due to Brian's one glass of red wine a day that Seth's parents gave him.

(I'm friends with his sister.)

Yvett said...

That's pretty awesome. Where do you have it?

The real Brian drank? (last comment) WTF? Really? Maybe I should start giving Badger some wine.

Sarah said...

I caught my kitty drinking yesterday ;)

I love getting artwork. That's so exciting.

Nanette said...

That pic is awesome! And I love the fun fact from Slack!

Caveman said...

Awesome painting.
My favorite by the same artist has to be "I asked for scrambled"
Great stuff..

Anonymous said...

Cute doggie. Looks very 3 dimensional and very worldly wise.

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