Hopelessly Addicted To Tote Bags

My tote bag addiction really is a disease. We were innocently entering Ikea yesterday to scope out some flooring options and what do I see but an adorable ORANGE tote for only $4.99. I hemmed and hawed a bit and decided that no, I don't need it. I mean I just got the exceptional vinyl sock monkey tote, as well as another one with naughty chihuahuas.

I'm not sure what it is. I thought the issue was with purses and bags in general, but I've been consistently carrying the same tokidoki bag since December. But I continue to collect and rotate use of tote bags.*

So, after gathering our flooring info, we headed toward the exit and E suggested I run back and get the bag. He knows me. He knows I'd regret it, bother him about it, and go back only to find it not longer in existence. So, I made a beeline (as much as you can do that in the Swedish maze of a store) to get my precious. I had it in my line of sight and I thought I heard someone talking about me. I glance over, not bothering to wipe the drool from my mouth, to see a co-worker and her husband. He was the one saying, "Don't we know her?" Her=that crazed woman with the glazed look in her eyes. I think I had a very incoherent conversation about the glory of the orange tote. We ended on my friend remarking how much shorter I look outside of work. OH well, no worries because I got the bag!

The $4.99 Tote Bag From Ikea

So, yeah, it's cute and surprisingly sturdy and well-crafted for five bucks. But, THIS is the one I'm really wanting right now. Maybe it will go on sale.

*Shhh...don't tell Ren that I can't even find the bag she made for me. I know it is around though...probably among the heaps of stuff in my closet.


Nanette said...

Ooooh, cute! I was eyeing some of Gwen Stefani's line of bags at Macy's recently. Something about cool prints soothes the soul.

Jodi said...

Hmmm...I bet hers are a bit pricier though, eh?

madretz said...

Ou! Thanks for the Etsy link, totally cute stuff!

And I totally get the obsession, but mine encompasses any container that you strap on your wrist/shoulder/elbow. But not waist or fanny.

Anonymous said...

love the orange bag, what a bargain! but i have to say that hamster bag is the bomb. i am looking for a good messenger bag type thing - any suggestions?

Emma said...

Ended up here after looking at photos of tote bags on Flickr. I have this bag too, and I love everything about it - the soft fabric, the long handles, and the magazine-sized pocket on the front. I use it almost every day. Wish I had seen the green one and bought it as well!

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