Here's To You Having A Good Life

The first of four nights in a row of live music has come and gone. I was really excited to see Francis Dunnery in an intimate setting. It doesn't get much more intimate than someone's living room with 34 other people. E and I first heard Francis about 11 years ago and always wanted to see him perform in person. It turns out he took some time off from music, but has come back and is touring people's homes. How cool is that?

The show did not disappoint at all. It was fun, entertaining, and in many ways quite profound. Through Mr. Dunnery's storytelling and music, we all went on a journey through his and our pasts, presents, and futures. In spite of having a little "flu," as he put it, his voice was brilliant. And he sang my two favorite songs of his--"Too Much Saturn" and "Homegrown." He closed with "Good Life," which you may have heard on Scrubs.

The venues will get larger in the coming nights...The Roxy and The Hollywood Bowl. I have high hopes for those concerts too though.


Anonymous said...

have fun, and we expect a full report on the rest of them!

Nanette said...

I want artists to perform in MY home! That'd be AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

I've replied to your 7 of Memes, btw.

Brenda Griffith said...

wow. this takes live music to a whole new level. I wonder if I can get James McMurty to come to our home one evening... we'll provide the boubon!

Will said...

I like the Francis, sorry I missed him.

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