The following is an excerpt from a conversation that I had with my 24-year-old brother, Scott, on the phone yesterday:

S: I went to the mall and got a Judas Priest cd. I LOVE those guys!

J: Yeah? Cool.

S: Oh, and guess what else I got? Duran Duran! Rio! It's from 1982.

J: Duran Duran? Very cool! Rio has my favorite Duran Duran song on it.

S: "Rio?"

J: No. "New Religion" is my favorite Duran Duran song.

S: Oh. And then I went to Hot Topic and got an Iron Maiden t-shirt.

J: Scott, you're a badass.

S: *giggles* Thanks, sis!


Anonymous said...

Badass is right. lol!

Callie said...

At least he has taste.
Gotta hand it to him...
And I still cannot believe how stuck on Duran Duran you are...*smiles*

It's cool though...I think I am still back in the 80's at times.


Mike said...

"New Religion" is, indeed, a fantastic song.

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