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Blogger has been a pain for the past couple of days. Off and on, I have not been able to access any of its blogs, including my own. I've seen updates on my Google reader, but depending on how people set their preferences, I mostly just get a sentence or two. I have been able to access my dashboard, but hesitant to post without being able to check over the final result. Between working, volunteering, cleaning, and possibly having some fun this weekend, I'll try to get caught up and stop by to say 'hi.'


Jen said...

That's weird, b/c Blogger has been normal on my end. In this case, it really is YOU, not ME.

Anonymous said...

I find blogger a pain at the best of times ... esp when trying to upload photos. But ... too hard to change it all to something else.

Nanette said...

This makes me sad. :(

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