The Future Is Now

Earlier in the month, I alluded to a future (and potentially weird) post about sex, violence, and hamsters. What I'm actually referring to is a bizarre anime show called Ebichu The Housekeeping Hamster. E stumbled across the show on the internet and I wound up with a dvd containing most, if not all, of the episodes. I'm frequently fascinated by Japanese pop culture, especially when it has to do with hamsters.

At first I was disturbed, but now am mostly just amused at the snarky little hamster, who in one episode is a sexual psychic with a pizza delivery business who can tell a person's sexual proclivities by what they order. In another episode, Ebichu gets in trouble for washing her master's panties incorrectly. I haven't watched all of the shows yet, but my favorite may be when Ebichu and a friend protest the low price of hamsters at a pet store. So random.

Not only is there a lot of innuendo and sex, but a bit of violence too. Ebichu gets the shit kicked out of her quite often. When she "messes up," her master throws her against the wall and she slides down into a bloody heap. This of course bothers me a bit.

On a different note, the theme song is quite catchy and one episode is called "The Camembert Cheese Incident." Oh yeah.


Brenda Griffith said...

Anime--even the most mainstream can be very alien and disturbing. J's favorite animation runs the gamut from The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo to Nausicaa, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. Personnally I am all about My Neighbor Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle and Castle in the Sky.

Yvett said...

Throughout this post, I kept thinking about what type of weirdos are going to find your page while googling sex, violence and hamsters. Ha, ha!

Chris said...

I think My Neighbor Totoro is one of my favorite movies of all time. It was the only film that my kids watched over and over when they were small that I didn't get sick of.

SJ said...

I can't wait for the live action movie

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