Lifelong Learning
('You Don't Have To Be A Man-Ho')

I am a student of life. I love to learn new things. With that in mind and in an attempt to catch up on this very neglected blog, I will share some new knowledge I have obtained over the past few weeks months.

(I originally intended to finish & post this over a month ago).

I learned:

  • Waiting until the last minute to prepare things for Comic-Con not only costs me more money, but causes my stress to multiply to almost inexplicable levels. I really hope this is a lesson that sticks so I don't get myself into a frenzied mess again.
  • Darlene, Paul, and Bully The Little Stuffed Bull are all just as nice in person as I thought they would be. It's so much fun to meet internet friends in person! A fun side note is that both Darlene and Bully went home with hamster friends I'd made.
  • If the new Flight of the Conchords songs I've heard them perform in the recent live shows I've attended are any indication, we are in for some funny episodes of the new season of their tv show. I'll just say one thing-Jemaine=prostitute.
  • Baby showers these days are fancy. Like wedding reception fancy. I survived going to two in one weekend recently and was really impressed by the posh table settings, fancy stemware, catered food, 5,000 homemade deserts, really cool favors (though I still love pink and white Jordan almonds). A-MAZING.
  • Apparently, you can get real live Pikachus in Japan. Um yeah. I don't think these really exist, but I would still love to have one!
  • I care far more about politics than the Olympic games. It doesn't mean I'm anti-American. But you can call me old and boring. I can handle it. I can also come up with a way to make fun of you too.
  • Some people are as crazy in love with their pet pythons as I am with my hamster. So crazy in fact that I'd mistake them for buying an extra cute, extra expensive hammy as a pet. But no, when I naively pointed out how cute the rodent was, the guy purchasing it coldly informed me that he'd be feeding it to his massive reptile.
  • In attempt to stay cool while hanging out in the yard this summer, Little Guy took to lying around in a hole under an outdoor table. I had no idea he was doing this until recently. For my "slow" dog, he's being pretty smart.
Little Guy, In A Hole
Little Guy, lying in a hole.


Randi Mason said...

Bully wanted to tell you that Super Hamster IS FINE and that I just didn't see him after the affair with the window because he /fell behind the dresser/ was working on his invisibility skills.

Also, Pikachu is supposed to be sourced as Japanese for 'sparkle mouse' rather than based on an actual pika. But it could go either way. (Pikas = cute)

Unknown said...

How is it Japan always seems to have the coolest stuff??

Darlene said...

It was so nice to meet you too and I love my hamster, Penny! It watches over my computer mouse at work. I hope I can see you again but under more normal circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I switched my TV off over the entire Olympics ... it is just too boring and I simply cannot get excited about Sports. Good for those who are interested, but it's not my scene.
I feel the same about Politics ... only those who are interested need apply. A big yawn to "nothing new under the sun."
Your wee doggie is a smarty pup!

madretz said...

Cute pic of Little Guy. We've referred to our cat as our "C student". She's just not that bright.

Anonymous said...

I keep wanting to say "Hawt Diggity Dawg" too! Lol!

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