The Real Housewives of N. San Diego County

What a busy week! Not only was there the end of Maker Faire, lunch at Pixar, lots of driving, viewing the elephant seals near San Simeon (photos soon, I hope!), more driving, work, Iron Man, more work, some cool interactive media, the Rose Bowl Flea Market, Ren Faire, and the premiere of a friend's film, but there was more driving and Duran Duran!

Jenn already recounted the good and the bad of our trip to the middle of effing nowhere to see my favorite '80's boy band. She was kind in that she did not mention the fact that I drove about 30 exits past where we were supposed to get off the freeway. We're lucky we didn't end up in Mexico! Luckily, we did find the place where old diabetics go to smoke and gamble in plenty of time for some good food and even better music.

Well, she also left out the amusing conversations we heard from the women behind us at the show. They were chit-chat about all of the cocaine use, etc. that occurs in a certain school, but gets ignored by the administration. That was followed by comments of how great the school is and how they will all send their kids there. Huh? It was a little chilly and one of them said, "Remember how you called and asked if I was wearing my slut outfit tonight? It's so cold, so of course not!"

The kicker though was when one of the fans said, "As soon as my house sells, I'm getting lipo. He doesn't like that idea, so I'm thinking we're going to need some sort of prenup." (I peeked and she wasn't even fat!)

The important thing is that Duran Duran rocked, in spite of Simon forgetting some of the lyrics to "The Reflex." And yes, I'm still trying to catch up on photo uploads and blogging, which will happen soon.


Anonymous said...

hehehe what does a "slut" outfit look like I wonder?
Sounds like a cool bit of nostalgia had by all!

Anonymous said...

I've got my slut outfit on right now as I am reading this.

Sizzle said...

He forgot the words!? Heh.

I think I need a slut outfit. I feel left out.

The Mad Doctor said...

I wonder if there's a market for "emergency lipo" when those slut outfits just don't fit...

Anonymous said...

Duran Duran!? I used to LOVE them! Weird conversations behind you! Yikes!

Yvett said...

How were you guys able to listen to that conversation without bursting out into a fit of laughter?

He forgot the words to The Reflex?!?!?! WTF?

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