A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

...or at least 50 or so, in my case. The look on this dog's face says it all.


Don't bother clicking to see this pooch bigger.
I haven't made it public on flickr yet. Sorry.

I'm skipping town tomorrow...well, in a few hours. I should probably sleep. So, another weekend will go by without me catching up on life. And when I get back, I should have even more to share. I'll just add it to the queue.

Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

That looks like one pooped pooch! Enjoy your weekend ... I hope you get to catch up on yr sleep too.

Shayne said...

Happy weekend to you!

The Mad Doctor said...

Weekends. Time to pretend to relax. Hope you have fun!!

Mrs. and I have mostly just slept in our fancy hotel. It's great to not have cats walking on our head.

madretz said...

Yea, it was flippin' hot in S Cal this weekend. We were in Claremont for a graduation.

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