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I'd hope to report on my Maker Faire experience, but am just too tired. We got in around 1:30 this morning. I hugged the dogs and went to bed as I had to be at work by 7:30 am. I was nearly a zombie by 6pm. Well, I actually didn't even to make it to the end of my workday and left a little after 5. I haven't uploaded photos from before, during, and after Maker Faire. There will be shots of giant metal sculptures, various creative craft hamsters, and elephant seals, among other things. E is also still working on getting his 3D photos online, but you can view a set from Maker Day here with your red/cyan glasses (with red on the left).


Anonymous said...

Rest up and we'll wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

What if we don't have red/cyan glasses :(

Look forward to your photos.

Shayne said...

Can't wait to see pics....get some sleep!

Caveman said...

I've got my "red/cyan glasses" in my top desk drawer waiting for some action

The Mad Doctor said...

My lame photos are up; you'll see we were mere feet away from each other. Aaack. :-(

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