Happy Hamster Day!


Two years ago today, I got my very first hamster. E has always been a thoughtful and generous gift-giver and this one was incredibly amazing. I'd developed this obsession with the fuzzy little rodents, and having been denied having them as pets as a kid, he indulged me. So sweet.

I feel lucky that Ami, initially thought to be a girl, but who is definitely a boy, is still with me. He's as fat and cute as ever. Luckily, he survived my first attempt at handling him. He was so wiggly that I got nervous and dropped him. Several feet to the floor. Ugh. I guess hamsters bounce.

Happy Ami Day!!!

So, now I'm more obsessed than ever with adorable little hammies and even published a poetry and photo book inspired by and starring Ami. One of these days I'll photograph the collection of the hamster toys, etc. that I've been collecting and displaying on a shelf in my bedroom.


Happy Valentine's Day to E, Ami, Cosette, Little Guy, Rusty, friends, and family. I *heart* you all! (Or at least most of you!)

Exactly 14 years before he gave me the hamster, E gave me a ring. : )


the slackmistress said...

Awww, Happy Ami Day!

Anonymous said...

"Hamsters, BOUNCE!" Is what I say to my posse when I want to leave a club.

Anonymous said...

Happy Ami Day! Very cute pics. =)

Caveman said...

Happy Hamster Day to all

Anonymous said...

Aww, so cute!

Shayne said...

Happy Hamster Day to you!

madretz said...

Happy belated Ami Day, too!

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