Peeves (No, not the poltergeist from Harry Potter)

  • At least 40 people have not responded to a party invite. The party is in less than a week. (Not aimed @ folks who just sent an email!)
  • Our neighbors had some landscaping done. The gardeners' BIG truck broke down and is parked in front of our house--where I usually park. We found out from a different neighbor.
  • I'm having some sort of what seems like an allergic reaction. Lots of itching, bumps, redness, etc. Ugh. I took Benadryl, so I'll hopefully be sleeping soon.
  • I occasionally see someone (another adult) and get excited to note that I'm taller than they are. I then remember I'm wearing shoes with a very thick sole. There are a lot of other shorties.
  • In spite of my best efforts not to, I find myself laughing at the absurdity that is Family Guy. I avoided it for a long time. A primary reason for this is the chin testicles. I swear.


Anonymous said...

Oh ... good luck with the allergy thing. Hope it's better soon.
I soooooo agree re Family Guy ... who draws these things???
People don't have good manners anymore (for the most part) ... shame.

Anonymous said...

ha. ha. I could not get past the butt chin either. Very distracting.

Darlene said...

I agree. I admittedly try to avoid Family Guy but when it's on and it happens to stay stuck on that channel, I get a huge chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Hope the allergic reaction clears up soon. *hugs*

Too funny about Family Guy. Chad always watches it, I just over the last say two weeks have given in and now watch it all the time...

Jax said...

I can't stop watching family guy. What the dooce?
Love the new layout! looks great.

Caveman said...

ditto on just about everything.

I like the orange. It's warm and makes me think about pie..

Nanette said...

I was a good RSVP-er, even if it was sadly a "no."

Anonymous said...

People who don't rvsp are a-holes. heh.

Shayne said...

Non-RSVPers are absolutely my biggest pet peeve. I feel like sending everyone who neglects to RSVP a little etiquette booklet.

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