Gotta Get In Tune With Sailor Moon

The past few days have been very busy and very tiring. I've had several post ideas, but have not been able to execute any of them. It doesn't help that I have gotten into a couple of Animal Crossing: Wild World games over Wi-Fi. Ay-yi-yi. So, just a few random bits and bobs for now.

In case anyone is wondering, Cosette is doing fabulous! She barely has any head tilt at all now. And she is as feisty as ever, which is quite a relief.

Tilt? What Tilt?

I'm going to do another NaBloPoMo challenge. It's gone monthly, instead of just being confined to November. There is a theme for March, which is lists. I love lists, so I think that will be a fun challenge. To keep it interesting.


As usual, when words fail me, I give you HAMSTER (with broccoli).

Yummy Broccoli!


Anonymous said...

How cute. Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

Thank god there is no recipe posted for Hamster with broccoli.

Yvett said...

Good news about Cosette!

Ooh! I live making lists! Maybe I'll join in this time around.

Anonymous said...

yay hamster with broccoli! you can't go wrong with hamster pictures!

KleoPatra said...

Hamster w/broccoli is the best!

Nanette said...

I'm glad Cosette is doing well!

Shayne said...

I'm so happy Cosette is doing better!

Anonymous said...

Great news about Cosette.
I am a definite list writer personality type.
I've never tried hampster with brocolli ... is it tasty?

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