Maybe It's The Heat

I can't seem to formulate more than a sentence or two lately, so here's a list of things ruminating in my dusty brain:
  • I saw two FANTASTIC concerts at the Greek Theatre recently. Squeeze and Crowded House. I wrote a little about Neil Finn, but not about how great Difford & Tilbrook were.
  • As awesome as the shows at the Greek were, I'm truly baffled that they were selling Kettle corn at one and not the other. Way to get my hopes up. Damn.
  • I'm really behind in seeing movies. I think the L.A. Film Fest burned me out. I'm hoping to catch Superbad this week though.
  • The last couple of Saturday nights have been interesting. They included things like midnight swimming overlooking The Valley and hanging in an underground lair in Chinatown. Both included "late night" frozen treats (although I contend 8:3o is not late!)
  • I've hung out with lots of friends recently for concerts, frozen yogurt, birthday lunches, swimming, and puppet shows. Good times.
  • E and I did the standby line thing for the closing performances of the two summer shows of the Troubadour Theater Company: Alice in One-Hit-Wonderland and OthE.L.O. I highly recommend seeing them to anyone in the area. They do a holiday show every year. And they sell out very quickly.
  • I'm dying for a vacation, but have accepted that I won't be having a real one for quite sometime. I'm going to look into planning some weekend getaways. Better than nothing and it will keep me going.
  • Ami, my hamster for those of you who don't know, may be competing in his 4th Hamster Ball Derby this coming weekend. I'm going to see what the weather does because I don't think I want to take him out in 100+ degree heat. Not at his age.
  • I'm kind of sad the "summer" is officially over (although, it won't be 'over' for a while yet here in SoCal) and I didn't go to the beach.
  • I am looking forward to things I love in autumn, such as my birthday, candy corn, and Halloween.
  • Life has been quite stressful lately, so I might have wished for a reprieve on that shooting star I saw the other night. But, I can't really say or I'd have to kill you it wouldn't come true.


SJ said...

You seem to like non-american music

Nanette said...

I like your "I love kettle corn" tag. Very nice. :)

madretz said...

I saw on your calendar that you've got Genesis tix - that was the first concert i ever went to. they're gonna be here on Oct 9th, I might have to go!

Jodi said...

>s.jones: Yeah, it does seem that way. I guess I'm not very patriotic! Ha! I do like several American artists, quite a lot, including R.E.M., BenFolds, Jill Sobule, Nickel Creek, and Fountains of Wayne (who opened for Squeeze!) just to name a few.

>nanners: Love, love, love the kettle corn. I've been experimenting with recipes at home, but it never comes out as good. Plus, I get frightened by the amounts of oil and sugar!

>mad: That was E's first show too...back in the early 80's (post Gabriel though, unfortunately). The Genesis tickets are incredibly expensive...more than The Police!...but we were able to use American Express points and got them for ~$20 each. And good seats too.

Anonymous said...

KETTLE CORN! I bet you just pop it out on your sidewalk it's so freakin' hot.

Jodi said...

>Jenn: That's the secret ingredient! The sidewalk plus ants for extra crunch.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, concerts sound cool. If you are heading into winter, that means nearly my summer here. YAY! Yee haa! Can't wait. Gonna spend it lazing at the beach this year.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the heat wave you have going on in Cali! I feel for you.

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