Mr. Blue Sky Is Living Here Today...Hey, Hey

I fully intended to share some of my weekend. However, I am too exhausted, too sunburned*, and way too behind on some household chores that must be done tonight. Instead, I'll leave you with a few photos and the possibility of explanation in the not too distant future.




*Yes, even after being lectured, just today, by my mother to go to a dermatologist after she told me about various friends and family who have or who are dealing with skin cancer, I got burned. But, not on my nose.


Anonymous said...

looks like a really pretty day!

Alissa said...

How many Scions did you take?

Jodi said...

There were over 300. Eric and I each took ours, if that's what you mean.

Anonymous said...

It looks hot. You couldna do it down under and not pay a high price in the sun here. We have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world and we are all beach bunnies to boot. Ouchie! Take care out in that sunshine.

SJ said...

Ironic - I was just listening to ELO earlier :)

Anonymous said...

Scion City!

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