Hall & Oates fans get really pissed & boo loudly when there is no encore.


Nanette said...


On the other hand, who doesn't do encore these days? Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I just boo at them when I listen to their cd. I said REPEAT DAMMIT!

JAMILYN said...

I like Hall & Oates... but don't tell anyone.... I might loose some "street cred" :D

By the way, did you see them in concert?

Jodi said...

@nanette: I know, but encores are kind of lame-dash-o!

@jenn: Um, yeah. I kind of agree..

@jamilyn: I'll forgive you, like I forgave e. Yes, we saw them at the Bowl Friday night. Luckily, they did "Maneater" first and got that shit right out of the way!

Joanne said...

I dislike the whole concept of encores. Just play the damn music already! AND considering I volunteer at a theatre, I know encores are usually already built into the show's running time. It isn't like the band isn't planning on keeping the music going. Everybody in the theater paid upwards of $35... they shouldn't have to beg for what they paid for.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.

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