I Am A Dork--Reason #42

E and I were at a play earlier today. It was the closing performance and it was also sold out. We did the stand-by thing and got lucky. Our plan was to do the same for another show at the same theater three hours later.

I was really enjoying the production, which seemed to come to a sudden and quite unsatisfying end. I was only briefly annoyed.

"Oh well, gotta get to that stand-by line," I thought as I bolted from my seat.

Admittedly, I was somewhat perplexed that E was still sitting there, but nevertheless made my way out the front door. There was a kid sitting on a bench outside the door reading.* I looked around and no one else was exiting and I briefly got excited that I'd be first in line!

As I turned and looked back into the lobby, I noticed a big crowd of people at the concession stand. It dawned on me that the play was not over, but merely at intermission. No wonder the ticket guy was giving me that look.

The real conclusion was quite surprising, funny, and extremely satisfying.

*I was fourth in the next line. That bookish kid, his brother, and father were lined up when the play actually ended.


Bully said...

When I was a kid my mother took me to a screening of The Sound of Music in a revival showing. I enjoyed the movie, the music and the acting quite a bit, but at the end, Maria sadly left the Captain, the music swelled and the lights went up. I was very sad. I said to my mother "That's not a very good ending!"

She told me it was the intermission. I'd never been to a movie with an intermission before so I didn't know.

The real ending was much more satisfying.

madretz said...

That's pretty funny :).

TiggerLarue said...

ROFL - I...I don't even know what to say on that one. Tooooo funny!!!!

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