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I've succumbed to the sickness so many seemed to contract upon returning from the San Diego Comic-Con. I have no nifty report on fun things I did this weekend because I spent much of it sleeping and trying to fight off the nasty virus that's been plaguing E.

The only bright side of it is that I've had some down time to really dig into the last Harry Potter book. I'm trying to savor it, but can't seem to put it down for too long. Just long enough for those 2-3 hour naps.


Chris said...

I guess I didn't hang out with the wrong crowd at Comic-Con :-) since I didn't get sick (thank goodness).

I started Deathly Hallows on the flight to California and finished it on the flight back. Morgan read it in about a day and half before we left. Very good book - I don't think she could have ended the series any better. She certainly doesn't pull any punches...

Anonymous said...

Accio sleep for me!

I'm about halfway through HP7.

I'm still waiting to chat with you about Comic-Con.

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