French Dipped And Pink Flamingos

Geez. I complain about having nothing to post about. I come up with a somewhat interesting story, type half of it up, and then realize I've already told it. Well, I do have a follow-up at least.

You might recall my post about the very dorky me of 1986. Recently, J & M, my temporary guardians for part of that year, visited Los Angeles with their three children. E and I met up with them at Philippe's in downtown L.A. A good time, and cheap food, was had by all.

True to form, and much to my delight, J & M travel with one of their pink flamingos for photos ops. Here E and I are with J & M and a plastic friend:



Anonymous said...

That's very cute with the flamingo. I have a set still, too. But I never thought to travel with them.

Anonymous said...

i used to work for a company in the travel industry and we could fly practically for free - a few people would take an old broken umbrella around and snap photos of it all over the world...
and, i discovered that the people who work for travelocity really do travel around with the gnome - last year i visited their hq and i saw polaroids of the roaming gnome that employees took on trips. funny!

madretz said...

Sounds like t-shirt too!

Jodi said...

Thanks Mad! I got that shirt at Maker Faire.

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