In the next week or so, there are a few important markers of the passage of time.
  • Tomorrow, October 1st, my precious Little Guy turns 13 (well, that's our best estimate anyway). I suppose we should be doing a Bark Mitzvah, now that he's a(n) (old) man-dog. However, I think that kind of thing goes along with the mother's background and I'm not Jewish. Not that any of that stopped me from dressing Cosette up like it was her quinceaƱera, or caninceaƱera, because apparently I'm Mexican. So, perhaps I will throw a yarmulke on his head and snap a photo. I imagine he will protest.

  • This Friday marks the 15-year anniversary of our arrival in Los Angeles. E, Cosette, who was almost 2 at the time, and I were packed into the Honda Civic I had at the time and had spent four days driving across the county, with a brief little side trip to the Grand Canyon. To this day, when I drive west on the 134 and curve around the hillside while descending toward Glendale with downtown glimmering in the distance, I recall that day and doing the same drive. With nervous excitement, we checked out our Burbank apartment, which we hadn't even seen. I don't think I knew at the time how much I would fall in love this city*, the place I've lived far longer than any other in my lifetime, and that I'd be proud to call it "home."

  • Next week, I will celebrate my 15-year anniversary at work (and a little over 17 in my career). It's difficult to comprehend, with some days feeling like I've been here forever and others still mistakenly thinking I'm one of the newer staff. While I'm not necessarily exactly where I'd hoped to be at this point professionally, I have accomplished quite a bit and am proud of the job I do. In these tough times, I am very lucky to have fairly stable employment. For various reasons, I don't discuss details of my work here, but I'll say I'm very happy and honored to affect young lives, in a positive way. What I do might be small in the grand scheme of things, but it often feels huge when taken down to the individual human level.

*We only lived in Burbank for a couple of years and now do live in the City of Los Angeles, for whatever that's worth.


Annika said...

Those are some big milestones! Hooray!

Will said...

Congratulations on all of these. Skipping the Bark Mitzvah is probably best as Hebrew is tough for a pup.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the little guy and congrats on all the other milestones. It's those very milestones that make us sit back and wonder where all the time went. Human achievement takes a long time ...

madretz said...

congrats on your many October milestones.

I missed you buy 1 year...we left LA 16 years ago. I think i mentioned I worked on Sunset blvd, too. And moving from there to here was the perfect fit for us, as it sounds like your from east to Los Angeles was perfect for you. Celebrations are definitely in order!

Darlene said...

Happy Anniversary! It always sounds like you make the most of out living in Los Angeles. Wishing you many more L.A. adventures in the future.

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