Silly Little Contest

Tell me about the tag line on my blog header above and you can win an autographed copy of my latest self-published book, Piggie Poems. What I'm looking for is a genuine winner here, so no cheating! I'll know, trust me. You can leave a comment here or email me jodi [at] snarkydork [dot]com.

Winner will be chosen at random from correct entries.

You have until Sunday, September 6th, 12pm PDT. Go.


Anonymous said...

I don't watch that show but I probably should.

Johnny Galecki will always be Darlene's bf on Roseanne to me, no matter what - so I can't watch it.

Nanette said...

DAHAHAHA! Love it! Can't wait for that show to return!

ren said...

i'm sorry, i didn't participate because i thought...oh, i have a copy and i should let other people play and then, when you announced a winner i realized...I DON'T HAVE A COPY! dammit.

also, i've only started watching that show again because of you. i am still on the fence but if hellboy's daddy and you both think it's great, i am willing to give it another try.

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